Sensea Canada offers multiple services based on the diversity of expertise in its team and years of experience with industrial partners as well as researchers.

Environmental monitoring

We offer environmental monitoring services based on our experience and innovative sensor tools.

Sound – vibration – vision

Impact assessment & monitoring of human activities

We conduct environmental impact studies and monitoring related to human activities in the field of acoustics and vibrations.


Expertise & Consulting

We provide expertise and consulting services  based on our diverse skills and our knowledge of the maritime environment.


We offer formations on underwater noise issues, helping stakeholders understand the impacts of human activities on the marine environment.

Environmental monitoring

Our environmental monitoring services are based on our expertise, various past measurement compaign and innovative sensor tools. Our playground goes from the seabed to coastal cliffs, insuring a complete overview of the maritime and coastal environment.

Marine surveillance

Using optical, thermal and zoom cameras, radars, AIS sensors with image recognition and AI for detection and geolocation, we ensure accurate monitoring of marine areas and environmental changes.

Surveillance examples : 

  • Detection and classification of maritime traffic
  • Geolocation of vessels
  • Ice monitoring
  • Coastal erosion monitoring
  • Monitoring of biological species (birds, marine mammals)
  • Poaching surveillance
  • Assessment of customer traffic in a specific area

Protected areas monitoring

We implement surveillance and tracking systems, including cameras and hydrophones, to monitor and preserve protected marine areas as well as biological species.

Marine mammals detection

Using hydrophones along with advanced vocalization detection algorithms, we can perform identification and monitoring of marine mammals, contributing to the conservation efforts and the preservation of marine biodiversity.

Acoustic landscape mapping

We use advanced technologies to map the acoustic landscape, enhancing the understanding of underwater soundscapes. We help our client in making inform decisions and implement protective measures. 

Impact assessment and monitoring of human activities

We provide scientific and technical consulting services for all stages related to environmental impact studies and examinations of underwater, airborne noise, and vibrational studies. Our offerings include a range of services such as acoustic modeling, field measurements, impact assessment, and mitigation strategies.

Industrial Ship in the Grand Harbour of Valletta in MaltaIndustrial Ship in the Grand Harbour of Valletta in Malta

Noise impact assessment

Conducting comprehensive compliance studies, we assess the airborne and underwater noise impact of human activities. We analyze the potential effects on marine life and develop strategies to mitigate any adverse impacts. Our approach includes numerical simulations to predict noise propagation and evaluate impacts at different stages of the projects.


Our expertise extends to conducting airborne and underwater acoustic impact studies for various activities, including seismic acquisition, port operations, tidal turbines, and offshore project.

Sectors of activity :

  • Seismic acquisition
  • Port operations
  • Marine construction site
  • Tidal turbine
  • Offshore activities

Monitoring of human activities noise

Whether they come from maritime traffic or port activities, we adapt our measurement and monitoring campaigns to measure the impact of human activities on the marine environment. These range from the installation of underwater hydrophones to the installation of accelerometers on board ships. We also offer compliance studies with industry standards and regulations.

Mooring deployment

Deployment of moorings equipped with sensors for data collection, ensuring accurate monitoring and diagnosis during various activities.

Expertise and consulting

We offer expertise and consulting services based on our diverse skills (sound, vibration and vision), our knowledge of the maritime environment and our experiences from past projects, both in France and Canada.

Our mission is to provide scientific advice aimed at assessing and mitigating the effects of noise and vibrations generated by human activities on marine ecosystems, with the goal of preserving underwater biodiversity and promoting the sustainability of the marine environment.

Types of expertise and consulting :

  • Data analysis and interpretation in acoustics
  • Contributing to the formulation of policies regarding management plans and targets for reducing underwater noise from ships
  • Scientific advisory and leadership in research projects
  • Assistance in developing mitigation solutions to reduce underwater noise
  • Supported scientific publications


We offer training focused on issues related to underwater noise. Our aim is to help stakeholders understand the issues surrounding underwater noise, and to help them conduct their operations in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment.

Our training covers:

  • Fundamentals of underwater acoustics
  • Predicting and mitigating the acoustic impacts of human activities on marine fauna

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