About us

An international collaboration :
Canada - France

Established in 2023, Sensea Canada is part of the Sensea Group with its sister compagny Sensea France, a French company founded in 2016. The group employs a team of over 12 professionals and is actively involved in various projects related to underwater acoustics, monitoring of marine protected areas, and the interaction between human activities and the environment.


The collaboration between Sensea Canada and Sensea France brings together diverse experts, including Ph.D. and master’s degree holders, engineers, data analysis specialists, and technicians. This team stands out as a reference in the fields of underwater acoustics and monitoring of maritime environments (with over 70 publications cited more than 2250 times).

Leveraging the strong expertise of its founders, our company provides services dedicated to evaluating human interactions with the environment with the aim of :

  • Promoting sustainable development by assessing and limiting the impact of human activities on ecosystems
  • Anticipating risks associated with natural events by implementing preventive measures and surveillance systems.
Orange wrach in the rocks of Bic National Park at low tide, Quebec

Marine environment monitoring and diagnostics

Our mission

Provide precise surveillance and diagnostic services in the maritime domain through advanced expertise and tools in acoustics, vibration, and vision, with the aim of assisting stakeholders, businesses and researchers in making informed decisions for the protection of marine environments and sustainable development of the maritime industry.

Our values

  • Environmental commitment

  • Scientific and technical excellence

  • Innovation

  • Team spirit

  • International collaboration

Our team

Leadership team

Co-founder and President of Sensea FR & sensea CanadA

Cédric Gervaise, Ph.D.

Cédric Gervaise, Ph.D. is an recognized senior expert in underwater acoustics and marine ecology, renowned for his work in signal processing and anthropogenic acoustic impacts, is the co-founder of CHORUS, SENSEAFR, and SENSEA Canada.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer France division

Julie Lossent, Ph.D.

Julie Lossent, Ph.D. is an expert in underwater acoustics focusing on passive acoustic monitoring. With a Ph.D. from France Energies Marines, she is the co-founder and CEO of SENSEAFR and a co-founder of SENSEA Canada.


Co-founder and chief executive officer canada division

Marie-Laurence Bazinet, eng.

Marie-Laurence Bazinet, ing., holds a degree in mechanical engineering specializing in robotics. She co-founded and currently holds the position of CEO at SENSEA Canada, focusing on her expertise in designing embedded IoT systems.


Co-founder of sensea CanadA

Jean-Christophe Gauthier-Marquis, M.Sc.

Jean-Christophe Gauthier-Marquis, M.Sc., in physics and oceanography, has been managing acoustics R&D projects since 2021. His expertise includes sea ice modeling, materials resistance, and thermodynamics. He co-founder of SENSEA Canada.

Co-founder of sensea canada

Kamal Kesour, Ph.D.


Kamal Kesour, Ph.D. in engineering, is a specialist in acoustics and vibrations with experiences in maritime, architecture, environment, aerospace, and automotive. He co-founded SENSEA Canada.


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