Photo credit: Parcs Canada/L. Patte (Simard, Y., et al.) 

Measurement of voluntary signatures from the Saguenay eco-tourism fleet

Following ISO 17208-11 (Radiated Source Level).

Monitoring of human activities

Year of realization: 2020-2022


Measurement of levels radiated by the ecotourism fleet in the Saguenay-Saint Lawrence Marine Natural Park in connection with its impact on cetaceans.


Publication: Simard, Y., Claing, C., Gervaise, C., Roy, N., Bourdages, L., Aulagnier, F., & Conversano, M. (2022). Estimation of noise levels from eco-tourism boats operating in the Saguenay–Saint Lawrence Marine Park using an acoustic observatory. Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 3480.

Photo credit: (Simard, Y., et al.)